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Terms of use

Terms of use
Terms of use of on-line store Siddharta Webstore relate to merchandise selling through web site located at http://store.siddharta.net and regulate the rights and responsibilities of the customer, web store’s functioning and related activities. It is necessary to read terms of use before purchase. Upon confirmation of the purchase it is understood that the customer read and agreed to these terms of use. Browsing and ordering is available in Slovene and English language.

Finis Mundi, d.o.o., Ravbarjeva 5, 1000 Ljubljana

Siddharta Web Store
Gradišče 15 B
1360 Vrhnika


All prices are in Euros and include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise. On-line prices apply only to purchases made in web store and can be subject to change without prior announcement. Action prices are additionally lowered prices, and are time-limited. The prices are valid at the moment of confirmation of the purchase.
When the seller confirms the order, the customer receives electronic notification about successfully received order.


In on-line store http://store.siddharta.net payments can be made:
•              with MasterCard credit card,
•              with Visa and Visa Electron credit card,
•              with Activa credit card,
•              with Maestro credit card,
•              pro-forma invoice.


Credit cards (Maestro, MasterCard, Visa) and pro-forma invoice
We are informing you that any concerns about the safety of your personal information are totally dismissible due to new way of handling the on-line payments. The new system of on-line payments restricts the input of your credit card number and CVV codes exclusively through the safe pages of the bank. We, as a seller, do not have access to that information. If you will choose credit card payment you will therefore be redirected to the website that is under jurisdiction of Activa’s process centre and the bank with which we have a signed contract about receiving credit card payments.


Novelties are the services of safe on-line payments of international credit card payment systems Visa and MasterCard. The brands shown below, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, enable you with the option with which you can use your smart card and portable reader to sign every on-line purchase with the use of one-time-use code. Both services, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, were approved by the banks within the Activa system (you can find more information on this at www.activa.si).


We offer the safest credit card service available at the moment, without regard to the Activa card type – credit or debit.
•              Maestro e-shopping with Maestro card (http://www.activa.si/kartice.asp) is available if the owner has registered the card through MasterCard SecureCode authentication system. All Maestro card within the Activa system (smart credit cards with a chip) are automatically registered and therefore activated for purchasing products in our on-line store. More about this subject can be found at http://www.activa.si/novica.asp?ID=35
•              MasterCard credit card must be registered by the owner through this website: http://www.activa.si/pametnaKartica/securecode.asp
•              Visa and Visa-Electron credit card must be registered by the owner through this website: http://www.activa.si/pametnaKartica/vbv.asp 


We deliver to all countries of the world.
All orders, received by Friday, will be processed during the weekend and will be shipped on Monday by the latest. On-line store http://store.siddharta.net is trying to make sure that the items ordered are ready and delivered in the shortest possible time; within Slovenia from 3 to 10 days and in other countries from 7 to 14 days. In case you ordered something that we cannot deliver in reasonable time, you will be notified via contact information you will leave with the order.
Item(s) bought in on-line store will be delivered on the address via postal service of each country. The postal service we leave you a notice in case you are not available at the time of delivery. Costs of delivery are charged by the pricelist of Pošta Slovenije or postal services of other countries. In case of repeat delivery the customer (buyer) will be charged with double postal service costs. Delivery inside EU is charged by equal price of 10 €. For the rest of the world 15 €.


Return of order
The customer has the right to notify the seller about the return of the order within 15 days after they received the order. This can be done via e-mail: store@siddharta.net or via mail to the address Siddharta Web Store, Gradišče 15 B, 1360 Vrhnika. No explicit reason is required for such action. The return order is considered on-time if the return package is sent within 15 days. The only cost that applies to the customer is the immediate cost of the return shipment. The merchandise should be returned unharmed, undamaged and should contain all the items delivered within 15 days after the notification about return of order. Merchandise should be shipped back with receipt and all the documentation to Siddharta Web Store, Gradišče 15 B, 1360 Vrhnika. The return shipment within the 15-days deadline is also considered as notification about return order. Seller must return full purchase expanses within 15 days after delivery of return order. Purchase expanses will be wired directly to your bank account, which you must provide with return order. Purchase expanses will not be cashed out. We do not accept cash on delivery mail.


Complaints & reclamations
All complaint and reclamations should be send via e-mail to: store@siddharta.net or via mail to the following address: Siddharta Web Store, Gradišče 15 B, 1360 Vrhnika


Personal information safety
Finis Mundi, d.o.o. is gathering the following personal information for the needs of on-line store (http://store.siddharta.net):
•             name and surname,
•              address and place of residence,
•              e-mail address,
•              phone number,
•              username and password.
We do not take responsibility for correctness of the information provided by the customers.
We are bound to use the customer’s personal information solely for the use of processing and delivering the order. We will handle all customer’s personal information in accordance with the law.


User registration
You need to be registered to purchase the merchandise from http://store.siddharta.net. Registered users can:
•              buy items from the on-line shop,
•              review their previous purchases,
•              change their personal information and add additional addresses for delivery,
•              user (customer) assures that all personal information in registration form is correct and precise. All changes of personal information must be provided by the user (customer) via “My account” link.

My account
Customers can review their previous purchases and change their personal information, delivery address, user name and password in “My account”.


Purchase in 3 steps
Customers have at their disposal a shopping cart where they can put the items they want to buy. Merchandise items are separated in main categories, listed in top menu, and sub-categories, listed on the right-hand-side. While browsing the customer can also use search engine, positioned in the upper right corner of the screen. When all the items the customer wants to buy are placed in the shopping cart they choose to proceed. It is important that the full weight of the purchase does not exceed the 2 kg mark. If this does happen, the customer will be notified from our service that the order cannot be processed due to this circumstance. It is, however, possible to make more orders that exceed 2 kg in total.

Purchase of the selected items begins with a click on “Checkout”. There you can check if you are signed in and in case that you are not you will be redirected to Sing-In form where you can also register. It may occur that after signing in items from previous purchases are added to your shopping cart. You will be notified if such instance occurs. You can remove these items after the notification. At the Checkout there are three steps within which you choose the form of delivery, delivery address, payment, payment address, check and confirm the purchase.

Step 1 – Delivery data
You must choose delivery address and form of delivery. If you are a first-time customer or you have not yet entered the address you can create a new one with clicking on “Create new”. Form of delivery is momentarily limited to Pošta Slovenije.

Step 2 – Payment data
You must choose payment address and form of payment. Payment address is automatically set to delivery address. You can uncheck this option and select another address or create a new one. In form of payment you can choose between credit card payment and pro-form invoice payment.

Step 3 – Summary and confirmation
This step is intended for checking of the order, including the total cost of the purchase, which already includes the shipment expanses. This is the last step and with clicking “ORDER” the customer confirms the order and receives the order summary via e-mail. If you choose pro-forma invoice you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to fill the bank transfer form. If a customers choose credit card as form of payment, a HPP (Hosted Payment Page) will be uploaded through HTTPS protocol and SSL certificate. The customer can then enter all the information about the credit card and the sum of costs of the order. After a successful transaction the money will be transferred from their personal bank account. If an error occurs during this transaction the customer will be notified immediately and will also be redirected to the order page within their account in on-line store. Once there, the customer can try again only by clicking “Retry transaction.”

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