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Summer heat brings a new motive also in the online store.


We have been waiting a long time for them. Siddharta caps with a flexfit system are finally on sale!
Flame Sddh


We offer 5 new Siddharta cards.
Siddharta #7 Siddharta #8 Siddharta #9 Siddharta #10 Siddharta #11

Special holiday offer “3 4 2”

It is almost holiday time and time for all those creatures that are sneaking around (all of them with big bags, obviously) leaving gifts for younger and older kids.
To make sure that these creatures don't run out of ideas what and where to get, we decided to give them a helping hand with a little suggestion …

We are starting a special holiday offer "3 4 2" (you pick 3 items, the cheapest one is for free)!
The offer is valid from 2015-12-12 till 2016-01-15.
You can choose from all the items available!