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Siddharta hoodie

There's a new Siddharta hoodie available.

Nomadi items

Nomadi are on the way. Nomadi CD, badges, keychain, mug, kids T-shirt and male/female adults T-shirt.
Nomadi Flame White Nomadi Nomadi Nomadi Nomadi Nomadi White Nomadi White Nomadi Black Nomadi Black

Signature Drumsticks

New in offer! Boštjan Meglič Signature Drumsticks.
Boštjan Signature Drumsticks

Leather Wristband

Handmade in Slovenia from real leather, 1,2 and 1,4 inch wide. Delivery could take longer. If you have special wishes you can write to store@siddharta.net. The wristband can be extended by approximately 1,5 cm (0,6 inch) because it's stud.
Leather Wristband Leather Wristband Wide

Leather Pendant

Handmade in Slovenia from real leather. Delivery could take longer.
Leather Pendant