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And it's here!
We are proud to present our first (triple) vinyl LP INFRA&ULTRA!
Both albums, which marked our 20th anniversary, are joined on three 180 g vinyl records!

Infra&Ultra is available at:
Ljubljana (Mega, City & Rudnik), Kranj, Koper, Novo mesto, Celje, Maribor (I. & II.), Nova Gorica, Murska Sobota, Ptuj & Jesenice.
MUELLER: Ljubljana (Čopova) & Koper
OTHERS: Ljubljana (Spinvinyl, RecordSlo, Rockerija), Nova Gorica (Zoso)
ON-LINE: www.nika.si/rock/InfraUltra

Velika praznična akcija “3 za 2”

It is almost holiday time and time for all those creatures that are sneaking around (all of them with big bags, obviously) leaving gifts for younger and older kids.
To make sure that these creatures don't run out of ideas what and where to get, we decided to give them a helping hand with a little suggestion …

We are starting a special holiday offer "3 4 2" (you pick 3 items, the cheapest one is for free)!
The offer is valid from 2017-12-01 till 2018-01-03.
You can choose from all the items available!

New Rock T-shirt in black

New Rock T-shirt in black is now available.
Rock Rock

Siddharta hoodie

There's a new Siddharta hoodie available.

Leather Wristband

Handmade in Slovenia from real leather, 1,2 and 1,4 inch wide. Delivery could take longer. If you have special wishes you can write to store@siddharta.net. The wristband can be extended by approximately 1,5 cm (0,6 inch) because it's stud.
Leather Wristband Leather Wristband Wide

Leather Pendant

Handmade in Slovenia from real leather. Delivery could take longer.
Leather Pendant